Emerging Therapies for Glaucoma Management

Emerging therapies for glaucoma management are continually evolving, aiming to address the complex pathophysiology of the disease and improve patient outcomes. One notable approach involves neuroprotection, focusing on preserving retinal ganglion cells and their axons. Various agents, including brimonidine, memantine, and cannabinoids, are being investigated for their potential neuroprotective effects. Another promising avenue is gene therapy, where viral vectors deliver therapeutic genes to target cells in the eye, promoting cell survival and enhancing optic nerve function. Additionally, regenerative medicine strategies, such as stem cell therapy and cell-based neuroprotection, hold promise for repairing damaged retinal tissue and restoring visual function. Non-invasive methods, like transcranial magnetic stimulation and photobiomodulation, are also being explored for their potential to modulate neural activity and protect against glaucomatous damage. These emerging therapies represent exciting advancements in glaucoma management, offering novel approaches to preserve vision and improve the quality of life for affected individuals.

  • Neuroprotection Agents
  • Gene Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Non-Invasive Therapies

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