Drug Delivery Systems for Ocular Disorders

Drug delivery systems for ocular disorders play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficacy and safety of therapeutic interventions while addressing the unique challenges posed by ocular anatomy and physiology. These systems encompass a variety of formulations and technologies designed to optimize drug delivery to the targeted ocular tissues, including the cornea, conjunctiva, retina, and intraocular structures. From conventional eye drops and ointments to innovative nanoformulations, implants, and sustained-release devices, these systems aim to improve drug bioavailability, prolong therapeutic effects, and minimize systemic side effects. By overcoming barriers such as tear turnover, rapid clearance, and limited ocular penetration, drug delivery systems contribute to the management of various ocular disorders, including glaucoma, retinal diseases, ocular inflammation, and infections. Continued advancements in formulation design, nanotechnology, and biomaterials hold promise for further improving the precision, efficacy, and patient compliance of ocular drug delivery systems, ultimately enhancing therapeutic outcomes and quality of life for individuals with ocular disorders.

  • Nanotechnology-Based Drug Delivery
  • Sustained-Release Implants and Inserts
  • Mucoadhesive and In Situ Gelling Formulations
  • Ocular Inserts and Contact Lenses

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