Ocular Oncology

Ocular oncology is a highly specialised area of ophthalmology, and there is significant worldwide cooperation among them. The diverse field of ocular oncology includes general oncologists, paediatric oncologists, specialised nurses, clinical scientists, and many more professionals. U veal and conjunctivitis melanoma, u veal metastases, intra ocular and conjunctiva lymphoma, and conjunctiva carcinoma are the most often occurring malignancies. The diagnosis is made via biopsies, autofluorescence imaging, optical coherence tomography, ultrasonography, and angiography. Naive, chordal haemangiomas are among the most frequent benign tumours. Many of these lessons necessitate therapy and/or ongoing observation. The most likely treatment options for eyelid and orbital tumours are oculoplastic or orbital specialist services.

  • Anisocoria
  • Lagophthalmos
  • Night blindness

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